Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vancouver Fan Expo & general updatery:

Horribly short notice, but just wanted to give a heads-up that I'm going to be at Vancouver Fan Expo this weekend, and I'm going to be bringing a few different things with me -- including a new romance comic, "Dear Princess" (featured above), "That Night in June", my tragedy-in-7-parts from last year, a few prints, a few buttons, a few quick watercolour sketches of lizard characters. Oh, and myself. I'll be there. I'll probably be drawing more lizard characters in an attempt to keep my nerves at bay when no one's around, but I would love to say hi to folks.

(I'll also have this stuff at TCAF next month -- but more on that, er, later.)

ALSO: I wanted to address that I've been so quiet with updates here on the blog, or with web comics in general. It's not that I'm not doing comics -- I'm up to the eyeballs in them -- but in addition to various projects that will appear in various anthologies, I'm working on a book of my own short stories right now. The bulk of it is all new (primarily horror) stories that haven't been featured online or anywhere, and so it's taking up a lot of my creative time. And, er, time. In general. So, unfortunately, pretty much on a web comics hiatus at present.

But I will announce when work I've done is out there, such as my short story "Under the Floorboards" in Explorer: The Mystery Boxes or the 20 pgs I illustrated in Josh Tierney's Spera, Vol I. And below, here are two covers I did a little while ago -- one is a variant for the second Adventure Time comic, and the other is for Smut Peddler, an upcoming anthology of smutty comics.